Session outline
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences(A)
Session Sub Category Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Environment(AS)
Session ID A-AS13
Title Hyper-dense observation and forecast to elucidate micro-scale atmospheric phenomena
Short title Micro-scale Meteorological Phenomena
Convener Name Jun-ichi Furumoto
Affiliation Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
Co-convener 1. Name Nobumitsu Tsunematsu
Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection
Co-convener 2. Name Kentaro Araki
Affiliation Forecast Research Department, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency
International Symposium No request
Language Japanese
Scope The recent development of sub-kilometer scale hyper-dense meterological observations enable us to unveil the detailed behavior and structure ofmicro-scale meteorological penomena. This is also be very useful for the precise forecast of the disatrous phenonema such as windstrom or tornado by investigating the correlation with near-surface atmospheric disturbances such as the divergence line and heat island phenomena. Noteworthy that the improvement of meteorological model enables to represent these micro-scale phenomena. In this sense, the complehensive studies combining observation and model are strongly expected. This session is widely welcome papers regarding the new research and future scope in the field of micro-scale phenomena study.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers