Session outline
Human Geosciences(H)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
Session ID H-CG28
Title Circulation of materials in closed bio-ecosystems by the systems of organisms.
Short title Circulation in closed bio-ecosystems
Convener Name Kaori Tomita-Yokotani
Affiliation Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
International Symposium No request
Language Japanese
Scope Various species of living organisms on the earth have evolved for a long time. They are equipped with several important functions affecting each other. Knowledge on these functions and interactions with ecological factors is essential to secure a design of a closed-ecosystem with a limited number of living species under severe environments, such as space and deep sea or desert. This session will discuss biological and technical systems for the establishment of closed systems shown in several research reports. I will introduce this research.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
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