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Space and Planetary Sciences(P)
Session Sub Category Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment(EM)
Session ID P-EM05
Title Cosmophysical plasma jets
Short title Jets
Affiliation Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Jungli City, Taiwan
International Symposium 'International Symposium' in addition to Scientific session.
Language English
Scope Recent years, the subject of cosmophysical plasma jets attracts more and more scientists working with non-equilibrium magnetized plasma. The phenomenon of plasma jets was reported in various space domains: chromospheric and coronal jets, erupting filaments, high-beta jets in the magnetosheath and reconnection exhausts in the magnetotail. A number of mechanisms of jet generation were proposed: magnetic reconnection, stochastic generation in a region of not-fully developed plasma turbulence, and induced by interaction of MHD discontinuities with boundary layers. Jets have been found as an important driver of plasma transport and plasma penetration across the boundary layers by means of such mechanisms as reconnection, impulsive penetration, and kinetic effect of ions with a finite gyroradius. The Session encourages presentations of new observational and modeling results related to jet generation, propagation and interaction with boundary layers.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers